Selected Writing

Apr. 2018   Hello World, Hello Now  Art and technology at Art Tower Mito

Mar. 2017   Different Circles  Ei Arakawa presents Gutai as musical theatre

Jul. 2016   Ceramic Grenades  Emiko Kasahara at Parasophia, in Kyoto

May 2015   The View from the Couch  A psychiatrist’s collection goes on display

Mar. 2015   Matrix  Rei Naito’s subterranean artwork at Teshima Art Museum

Mar. 2015   Control Room  Thomas Demand’s paper reconstructions at MOT

Mar. 2015   A Liberty Statue for Tokyo  Pipilotti Rist’s vast audio-visual work

Aug. 2013   Looking Skyward  Kazuhiko Hachiya’s flying contraptions

Jun. 2013   Public Art #2: Masatake Kouzaki’s Tougen, Anjin in Daikanyama



Selected Features

Feb. 2014   25 Porticos  Daniel Buren’s vertically striped gateways in Odaiba

Sep. 2013   Faret Tachikawa  A wander through Tachikawa’s public art projects

Jul. 2013   Louise Bourgeois’ Maman, the giant spider in Roppongi Hills



Selected Photo Essays

Jul. 2017   Sunshower  Contemporary Art from Southeast Asia

Dec. 2016   Tokyo Supergraphics  A survey of oversized graphic forms in Tokyo

Apr. 2015   #BCTION  An art intervention in a redundant office building



Selected Interviews

Jul. 2017   On Drawing  An interview with Arthur Huang

Nov. 2016   Anicca  An interview with Yuka Otani




Jul. 2018   Convergence exhibition catalogue, Joshibi University of Art & Design

Sep. 2015   The World Goes Pop  Annabel James’ review for Genso



Related Activities

Jul. 2017   Image consultant for Frieze  A Brief History of the Future

Dec. 2015   Guest writer for Iki-mono  Seven Finalists

Nov. 2015   Essay citation in Fram Kitagawa’s book  Art Place Japan



Experimental Writing

May 2003   Nick exhibited an online collaborative writing project. Participants wrote three words when they could only view the last three words written.




Jul. 1999   Succeeding a Post-Mortem: What happens after ‘The Death of the Author’?