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Artist Talks are informal events where artists get together to discuss art and ideas. They take place every few months in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo. At each event, four guest artists give short talks followed by a few questions from the audience. 

Artist Talks are organised with 3331 Arts Chiyoda and Canvas Entrance is free.

The next Artist Talks is on Monday 14th January at Good Heavens in Shimokitazwa. Doors open at 7pm.

2018 Autumn Edition

Martin van der Linden, Ling Liu, Lyle Nisenholz

 2018 Summer Edition

Natale Adgnot, Andrew Joyce, Jacqueline Mcleish, Serene Hui Sze Lok

2018 Spring Edition

Kris Cerneka, Jamie Humphreys, Olivia Lacey, Dorothy Melander-Dayton

2018 Winter Edition

Jenny Forster, Lan Chungshuan, Karin Pi, Arthur Huang / Hai-Hsin Huang

2017 Autumn Edition

Timo Wright, Caitlyn Doran, Reina Ko, Jan Vranovsky

2017 Summer Edition

Linda DennisJunel Fujinaki, Patti Hudak, Kaori Nagata