Nick West, ‘A-Z² (2017) from the exhibition ‘Volumes’ at ONCA Gallery, Brighton, UK

‘A-Z²’ is created by recycling the physical elements of a previous artwork. In its present arrangement, the paper has been cut and sewn into 26 books, each in the shape of a different letter of the alphabet. Making the books circular means that they don’t have beginnings or endings. ‘A-Z²’ is about the potential of language. It is a way to say everything that could ever be said, and nothing, at once.


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Nick West, ‘etc-net.net’ (2003) at The Empire Gallery, London, UK

In 2003, Nick participated in a group exhibition at The Empire Gallery in Vyner Street in London. For his work, he showcased an online collaborative writing project etc-net.net (now offline). Visitors could write three words when they could only view the last three words written. Contributing writers could also choose when to end a story, upon which their collective narrative would be emailed to each participant.


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Nick West, ‘Phone’ (1998) London, UK

In 1998, Nick participated in a group exhibition at the Decima Gallery in London Bridge. For his work, he employed a BT engineer to install a new telephone line at the gallery. Nick attached a phone to this line and hung it on the wall, above which he screen printed the message “For more information, please call..” alongside his home phone number. During the opening reception, visitors left many messages on his answerphone but failed to reach the artist, as he was out.